Chad Oppenheim’s architecture is simultaneously daring and sensible; romantic and reductive; evocative and essential. His intent with Lundy House is to strike a balance between what Aspen once was, and what Aspen is.

Oppenheim fell in love with architecture at the age of seven — the year his parents decided to build a custom-made home. The New Jersey native carried this passion all the way to college, graduating from Cornell University and landing a post at Arquitectonica — one of the most prominent architecture firms on the globe. It wasn’t long until he garnered the courage and means to forge his own path and form his eponymous firm — Oppenheim Architecture + Design. It is no surprise that building healthy, sustainable structures is paramount in Oppenheim’s practice. Already versed in Aspen’s iconic landscape, his work, La Muna, is a revived rustic ski chalet that embodies Oppenheim’s principles of preservation.

His organic update of the home has seamlessly integrated the structure into the surrounding forest and modernized it with solar collectors and insulated glass, blurring the boundaries of indoors and outdoors and strengthening the relationship between nature and man.

He has taken on the charge to recreate and help preserve the environment of his sites, not destroy them. His main mission — to enhance life and the way people live. Driven by this deep respect for nature, Oppenheim designs his buildings to “hide in plain sight”. He believes architecture ought to be sensitive to natural beauty and ultimately seek to enrich its surroundings in a non-invasive way. Instead of trying to compete with nature, Oppenheim usually embraces it, pulling from an organic palette that makes his structures “disappear”. Therefore, it’s no surprise that creating healthy, sustainable structures is paramount, leaving Oppenheim to develop novel ways to live and design using eco-friendly materials. He’s made a career out of recreating and preserving the environment of his sites. His main mission — to enhance life and the way people live.